1. religiousdad:

    Thanks for coming tonight. This next song is called “fuck you mom why won’t you buy me new beats headphones I spilled my drink all over the first pair and since you made the drink for me it means you’re obligated to buy me a new pair you’re such a bitch I hate you”

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  2. corpsepaintprincess:

    Be as gay as possible and steal anything and everything your little gay hands can carry

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  3. photo


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  4. Trying to stay awake in a boring class


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  5. richwhitelesbian:

    powerdad bellows at his son “TIME FOR BED!” rowdy son says “no dad fuck off” powerdad starts bench pressing his son till hes dead and then it is always bed time

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  6. reallylameblog:

    I can’t believe Katy perry died while trying to crowdsurf….:(

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  7. callme-himesama:

    Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

    I’m just a crosshair
    I’m just a shot away from you
    And if you leave here,
    You leave me broken, shattered, I lie

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  8. forcefields:

    it’s so weird that we call our loved ones things that we eat
    sugar… pumpkin… honey… baby…

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  9. nickfuckface:

    parents: “u should be more active”
    me: image

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  10. warmbug:

trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg


    trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg

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